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MANZER recherche son nouveau guitariste. Nous ne voulons pas de membre "session", ou quelqu un pour "dépanner", donc pas sérieux s abstenir. Tu es censé connaître TOUS les principes de base du groupe, sinon ne perds même pas ton temps à écrire. Merci de me contacter par e-mail.

After being back from Central America, tons of photos and videos have been added in the "Gigs" section! Enjoy (the violence)!!! No gigs scheduled anymore though, as MANZER is currently searching for a new guitarist...

MANZER has an exclusive song on a compilation CD called "Pictavian Assault". Out now!
Get it on the LEGION OF DEATH Records webshop.

OUT NOW!!! MANZER "Howling Wilderness" 7"EP : A new 7"EP by the "Pictavian bastards", for maniaks of the ancient Black Metal style, with doses of Heavy Metal and Rock'n'Roll! It features 3 brand new tracks and a MANOWAR cover song. Influenced by VENOM, SABBAT, MOTÖRHEAD, IRON MAIDEN, NWOBHM, BATHORY, JAN DO FIAO, ABIGAIL, KILLERS, ATOMIZER, CARNIVORE, NME, BULLDOZER, IMPALED NAZARENE... Lyrics draw inspiration from Pictavian legends and blasphemy, the title song is also a tribute to the world of Conan, the Picts in particular. One song has been written in Pictavian language (called Parlanjhe), as in each of their releases. Artwork by Sickness 666. Red and black vinyl (smoke effect). Limited to 300 copies.
Get it on the LEGION OF DEATH Records webshop.

APRIL 2017
All MANZER available releases are now on the LEGION OF DEATH Records Bandcamp page, you can listen to the records in their entirety and order here: BANDCAMP