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Latest News

OUT NOW!!! "Métàu Nér dau Poetou" Slipmat for turntable : High quality slipmat for your turntable! Artwork by Sickness 666, with logo and sentence ("Métàu Nér dau Poetou", which means "Pictavian Black Metal" in Parlanjhe, the language from Pictavia). Limited to 50 copies. Get it on the LEGION OF DEATH Records webshop .

JUNE 2017
MANZER is back from Japan, and a special tour shirt is available, get it on the LEGION OF DEATH Records webshop .

APRIL 2017
All MANZER available releases are now on the LEGION OF DEATH Records Bandcamp page, you can listen to the records in their entirety and order here: BANDCAMP

MARCH 2017
MANZER is currently writing material for a 7"EP called "Howling Wilderness". It will feature 3 brand new songs and 1 cover song. We will record it this year (2017). Cover art by Sickness 666.
We are also working hard on an acoustic set, all sung in Parlanjhe (Pictavian language), we hope to record an album and search for tour dates, stay tuned!

MARCH 2016
OUT NOW!!! MANZER (Pictavia) / HEXECUTOR (Brittany) "Pictavian Hexecution" Split 10" MLP : A warlike and brotherly alliance between the bastards from Pictavia and the hangmen from Brittany for a record with a special concept. MANZER performs ancient Black Metal, with doses of Heavy Metal and Rock'n'Roll. HEXECUTOR delivers devastating old school Thrash Metal, with an evil touch. Each band offers an unreleased studio track, a cover song from the other band, and an exclusive live track that will appear on their forthcoming album. The cover songs have been personalized, the result being "Pictavian Aggression" by MANZER and "Roazhoniz Bastards" by HEXECUTOR! United against modern trends, posers and other hipsters, the two bands are ready to kick your ass! Artwork by Renaud B. Gatefold cover. Limited to 500 copies. Available on the LEGION OF DEATH Records webshop , as well as other MANZER merch and releases.

The MANZER Facebook fan page has been closed. Actually, it was clearly written that it was a fan page but nobody seemed to pay attention. It was our brother Zalim from Bangladesh who was behind this, and we thank him for the support. But he has no time to take care of the page anymore, so it wasn't updated at all. The Facebook page became completely useless, a real eyesore. Facebook has been created for normal people and Pop "culture", and we are not willing to follow the masses. This means that the only way to stay tuned to everything MANZER is this website! And remember that all MANZER maniaks are always welcome to drop us a line, instead of soulless and hypocritical Facebook comments... A çhés fàetes!